The Ultimate Style Guide For Men

Welcome to the ultimate style guide for men. We have put a lot of time and energy into compiling the information below and hope that our style guide will help you dress better or give you new ideas for your finishing touches to your tuxedo. This guide is designed to help you choose the right garments and show you how they fit properly and how to combine them. The style guide includes instructions, tips & tricks for wearing all important garments. You don’t know exactly how a jeans should fit perfectly or how long a sleeve should be? Find the answer here! The style guide gives you basic knowledge about fit and possible combinations. What suits your body and your type? Which colours can be combined with which ones? You will also find answers to these questions here. Save this page in your bookmarks and whenever you have questions, the style guide will have a suitable answer ready. So let’s start at the top.

Make room for something new

The first step towards improvement is to free oneself from contaminated sites and make room for new ones. You’ll have to clean out your wardrobe, and you’ll also be able to flush some of your old stuff into the till, which you’ll have to sacrifice for new clothes.

Clean out wardrobe

If you have taken the first step of the style guide and are now open for new things, the next step is the basic knowledge, the absolute basics, which you simply have to know. The basic knowledge will help you to choose the right clothes and give you a lot of confidence. Because the most important thing is still to feel good about yourself and stand by who you are!

Depending on the shape of your body, one of these two articles is exactly the right one. You will get helpful tips and tricks to counteract the negative aspects of your body shape.

Now each of you should know what special features there are for your body and how to distract from them. A big step forward already, but we are still far from reaching our goal. The next step is the basics of fit. How should a T-shirt fit, how long should sleeves of a jacket be and how tight can a shirt fit?


Now it is ensured that you have the knowledge to dress according to your body shape and to choose the right fit, also the right size of your clothes. But the style guide has even more basic things in store, such as the choice of colour. Wrong combinations of colors can quickly become a disaster if you don’t know how. So that doesn’t happen to you:

Color combinations

A little smarter again. What suits you, in what size it would have to be bought and which colours can be combined, should now be one of your easiest exercises. However, we also have individual articles for you for special colours, which will help you to better understand the individual colours and to use them even more effectively.

After the most important basic colours, it’s time to combine the preserves and patterns.

Combine Camouflage

With this the basic knowledge is imparted, especially in the area of colours you should know your way around well now. But since this is the ultimate style guide for men, there is of course much more information for you.

Everything for the upper body

Now the following are the most important items of clothing, which should not be missing in any men’s wardrobe. First we’ll look at clothes for the upper body, then jeans and trousers, then shoes and finally accessories.

Clearly, the most important part of the wardrobe is the T-shirt. No matter if as basic layering for shirts or cardigans or in summer as shirt only combination, the t-shirt is a must and I don’t know anybody who owns less than 10 t-shirts.

The T-Shirt

If you know how to combine a T-shirt as a man, you can also combine a longsleeve, but there are still a few little things to watch out for

The longsleeve

Now we come to a true classic without which a man over 30 can no longer manage. The sweater. There are numerous possible combinations and even a sweater can be very stylish if it is combined correctly. So if you wear a sweater and wonder why it always looks the same, you should take a closer look at the following step.

The sweater

And the next classic, without which probably no man can do without. Whether young or old, everyone must have a shirt in their closet. Upgrades every outfit and is essential for more elegant occasions.

The shirt

In recent years more and more fashionable and now absolutely inevitable, the Cardigan is nowhere to be missed. Incredibly versatile and easy to use anywhere. Chic and elegant or casual and cool, the Cardigan can do everything.

The Cardigan

Now it’s getting tight in terms of outerwear, but we still have two left. The leather jacket. Not cheap, but a leather jacket lasts a lifetime if you want it and care for it. Leather jackets are the epitome of coolnis and shouldn’t be missing in the style guide.

The leather jackets

The blazer is somewhat undervalued in Germany because it is often immediately classified as very chic. With a few tricks you can easily integrate your blazer into a casual look without looking too chic or over-dressed, everything else:

The Blazer

The last basic in outerwear is the tank top. A kind of trend that comes up to us in summer. Loose, wide cut tops for men and women for a cool and airy look.


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