Recycling In Small Spaces

Recycling is something that every house is encouraged to do, but sometimes it is not as easy for people in smaller living quarters, such as apartments and small houses, because most collections take place every two weeks, which means that these people find it difficult to find a place to store all their waste.

The most common things that most households recycle:

  • Paper
  • Cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Cardboard

As you can see, if you are trying to do everything you can to recycle, you may run out of space to dispose of all the recycling before the weekly or usually two-weekly collection of curbside waste from your local council.

This is a problem for anyone who lives in an apartment or small house when it comes to being able to store recycling, so it is important not only not to give up and not to worry, but actually find alternative ways to manage your recycling strategy.

Below are some of the options you can use if you are struggling for a recycling site!

Make Use Of Community Recycling Bins – If you live in an apartment or small community, it is quite common to share recycling bins so that you don’t have to have one clogging space nearby. Sharing recycling space and cardboard means that you can share the responsibility for disposing of “containers” on the day of collection, and you can encourage others to recycle.

Find your nearest recycling facility – You would be surprised exactly where recycling facilities are located, from large supermarkets to small car parks in rural areas, all you need to do is find a local recycling facility! There are many websites that you can visit to find your local or nearest recycling centre, or you can call your local authority to find out exactly where to recycle your waste.

Municipal collection – It’s a good idea to call your local council to see what collection is available from curbs, because moving to a new area or not knowing about new procedures can mean that you’ll miss a collection that you just didn’t know about.

Compact recycling – things like cans, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and toilet rolls can thicken quite nicely, which means that you can finally save space by reducing the size of all your individual items for recycling. For example, if you have five empty cartons and three toilet rolls, you’ll be surprised how small all these things will thicken if we unfold them and then crush them down. The cans are the same because they shrink down, only with a heavy foot and reliable footwear!

Recycling Often – Instead of just finding a place to accommodate all your recycling for a week after completion, why not take the recycling to local recycling areas for shopping on the road or when you go for a walk. If you fall into the habit of regular recycling of waste but in smaller quantities, you will find that you have less recycling hanging at home and you will have more space and much less clutter, as most of us go past recycling bins at some point most days.

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