Choosing Outdoor Speakers

You’re sitting on a terrace or patio, watching your neighbors mowing lawns and thinking, “Should I listen to this orchestra of lawnmowers, killers of weeds and blowers of leaves? Well, the unfortunate answer to this question is ‘yes’ unless you or they move away, you get stuck with this dam of summer sounds, constantly filling the air. But there is a way to return to the peaceful and soothing place you were before the start of this shredded metal symphony. It’s there, on the terrace or patio, and even in the courtyard, think about it, the soothing sounds of your own music fill the landscape. Your garden is lightly watered with your favorite music. Your music, to choose from, not the sounds of the street or even the nearest door, but soothing sounds that you like to hear. Music that takes you somewhere else or even back in time. Is it possible in the yard or garden? The answer is yes!

So you want to listen to music while relaxing in the yard, but how do you do it? It’s easy to get high quality external speakers that perfectly match your decor. Do you find it hard to do? Start by deciding where you would like to have music in your outdoor spaces. Then make a paper sketch of the landscape and decide where you and your guests will spend most of their time and focus first on these areas. These will most likely be residential areas of the terrace, patio or garden. Now decide how much you want to get involved. What do I mean by “involved”? How much work do you want to do? I know, I know, we all want it to be easy and practically no work. Some of us would like to cross our hands, close our eyes and do this “I dream of Genie head bop” and poof! The work was done! Well, you can hire this task if it fits your budget and is great. Just make sure you’re researching what you want and pass it on to your contractor. And you should be in order. But if you are like me, we would like to have extra money for someone else to do it, but that’s not the case. So we got stuck alone. You know it’s really not that difficult to do. It can be as easy as buying wireless external speakers.

These gems are great! Just take a CD or MP3 player, connect the base unit of the wireless speakers, place the wireless speakers where you want and let the fun start! Wireless external speakers can also be equipped with additional speakers that can extend the listening area even further into your backyard. With a range of about 150-200 feet, you should be able to deliver air where you want, without extra work. Now you need to have recharged batteries in some devices and new batteries useful in others for the system to work. Some even come with power cords or adapters that can be plugged into electrical outlets, but which solve the whole problem with wireless speakers, don’t you think? All “external” wireless speakers are “weatherproof”, which simply means that if it starts to rain or if you leave them outside at night or even for a few days, they will be perfect. However, they should not be used as fixed external speakers unless you have a well-protected area to place them. For safety reasons, we recommend that you store them after use.

There are completely “waterproof” wireless speakers that swim in the pool or jacuzzi and can be completely submerged! They are pretty cool and place music where it will be wet! This is the easiest way to go for the installation!

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