Automotive trends for 2018

What is the direction of the automotive industry? What awaits us in 2018? These are the 5 automotive trends that are most frequently mentioned today. And which in the coming years will have their continuation.


More and more large producers are either on the electrical side of the power supply or are declaring such a step to be taken. Mercedes is working on a dedicated electrically driven platform, and Porsche has woken up from the lethargy. Volkswagen plans to release 30 new electricians in the next decade. Similarly, Audi wants to present 25 electric models by 2025. Volvo, on the other hand, wants to electrify the whole range of vehicles in two years’ time.

The plans of the producers are being met by the politicians, thus following the global trend. A good example in Europe is Norway, where last year the sales of electricians and hybrids were higher than those of conventional vehicles, i.e. petrol and diesel. Numerous privileges made it profitable for the Norwegians to buy a car on the electricity market.


The idea of sharing a car, i.e. short-term car rental (using a smartphone), without bothering about refueling and parking fees, and with the possibility of leaving the car in a different place, is gaining popularity every year. Especially among young people. According to Boston Consulting Group reports, 2.1 million people benefited from this form of mobility in Europe in 2015. By 2021 it is to be at least 14 million people. Car-sharing is in its infancy on the Polish market, but the forecasts are promising. Currently, this service is provided by 8 companies, which are constantly expanding their fleet of vehicles and the range of their operations.


In order for cars controlled by fully autonomous technology, without the participation of the driver, to be able to drive legally on the road, a number of legal issues need to be regulated. For the time being, this has not been done. However, this does not prevent manufacturers from presenting autonomous and semi-autonomous car designs and carrying out various tests. It looks a bit like each of the important players in the market is holding his hand on the pulse, not wanting to miss the moment when the breakthrough will occur and the autonomy of the fourth and fifth degree will hit the “understated”.

Auto per subscription

The new form of car purchase, which is set to revolutionize the way cars are used around the world, has been highlighted with the launch of Volvo XC40 and the Care by Volvo programme. Importantly, it is not a lease. The subscription fee includes a fixed monthly fee (without own payment) which includes insurance, registration costs, maintenance and winter tires with replacement, as well as additional concierge services, leaving the vehicle for inspection, refueling, washing and cleaning and even delivery of purchases to the car. Once a year you can also replace your vehicle with a larger one from the available model range and set off on a family holiday.


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